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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

I got this for Mother's Day along with a big 3 ring binder of photos and artwork that my son has compiled all through PRE-K. It was the most touching gift he's given to date, in his 5 years. Even though his PRE-K teacher orchestrated taking all the pics through the school year and organizing all his art work, it was still all my son's favorite pieces and shots. I loved it.

I love that he thinks I'm 14 feet tall, which he says it's all leg by the way. He even drew me that way. I love that he remembers my age and my favorite color. I love that he still loves my kisses. I hope he never outgrows that, but I know he will.

After giving it to me, he told me he loved my hair put up but thought it would be prettier with more pony tails. He ran and grabbed more colorful rubber bands and asked me to put them on in the places he pointed to. "I want the pink one ... there. I want the blue one ... there." He looked at me when I'd finished and smiled, "Now you look even prettier mommy!"
Ummm...I don't think I have to worry about my son's future as a hair dresser or a fashion stylists. For one he's all boy and has no tendencies in those areas. And for two, if he thinks this is pretty...he'd have no success in it even if he wanted to.

I look like a white trash snoop dog immatater. Be a playah...not a hatah!

PS...yes no make up is not good. This could be an ad for a true wornoutwoman!
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