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The Weeeeekend

This weekend was one I never wanted to end. It's the closest thing I've had to a vacation in a long time. I didn't go to any specific destination. What I mean by vacation is how it made me feel...relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

Sunday, we drove 40 miles to my in laws for a cookout/pool party. My son didn't have his ear plugs yet, so we couldn't let him swim around too much. I put him in a swim tube so he could kick around, with arm floaties. We borrowed them from family, so of course as the other grandkids are girls, they were bright pink. I hope my son doesn't grow up to hate me for that.

My in laws are the most amazing people, and so easy to be around. There's never any drama...only laughter. My husband and his brother always play guitar hero against each other. This time my hubbie sang with the new video game, rock star?? I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it was painful to hear my husband's off key notes, but funny to see him stand up and belt them out. He's not afraid to entertain on any level.

All day we ate and ate...and lounged by the pool. They had a fish fry and all the traditional burger hot dog stuff. In the evening, we wandered into my brother-in-law's party room, that sets separate from his home. It's a second garage converted into a man palace. It's got a pool table, wet bar, poker table, and entertainment system with theater seats. I know my other half salivates every time he walks in. (One of these days honey....)

Monday, I cleaned the house with my son. I let him use that new Clorox cleaner that's supposed to be safer for kids. I never let him use any cleaners. So, he was excited to use real chemicals instead of the vinegar and water mixture I usually put in his spray bottle. He was very careful not to spray all over the place. He kept it on target so that it wouldn't get out of control. We cleaned out the refridgerater, in our garage, to give my parents. While spraying it down, he used an entire roll of paper towels to clean it all up. Man he's a great helper. See that gooky stuff on the bottom shelf...eww. It took me a while, but I got it all.

Late yesterday we went to another cookout at a friend's home. This house was over 5,000 square feet. I drooled over every inch of it. Our friend that owns the home is a nationally renowned motor cross racer, who retired and stayed in Oklahoma. Needless to say the house is super sweet. My son stayed zipped in the netting on the trampoline and jumped for 3 hours. So we could easily relax while he played with all the other kids, and have an adult afternoon.

I had to get back to the real world today. My house is tiny but comfy. It's not a mansion...I don't have a sports or play room, but it's ours and it's re-sale value is really high. So we're doing okay.

I actually got a new stove installed today. My son cried as they took the old one out, because he didn't want to see it go. I spent 45 minutes calming him down. That's so unlike him. When he gets that emotional somethings wrong. I looked him over and noticed rashes all over. The doctor said he's got 'fifth's disease'. Now I know why he was crying over nothing.

And as soon as he's better in a couple weeks, I know he won't even remember the old one. He even said, "Goodbye little stove!"

He finally told me, "Mom, If you take a picture of the old stove...(gasp)that will help me stop crying." Hey whatever takes the edge off kid...I got my camera out, and took a picture of the old ratty stove sitting in my drive way.
Hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day. I hope you told every person you know who is or was in the military how much you appreciate them. I called my dad like I do every year.

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