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Thursday, May 29, 2008

When I grow up....

I've been stuck in this place lately wondering what I want to be when I grow up...professionally speaking. I've been in sales my whole life essentially since I was 5 years old, working it at garage sales. I'd assume the sale and direct people to what I thought they needed. This is why I think we've always done so well whenever we have one, because we've got a professional garage saler in our midst....ME.

Sales is what I'm good at, but it's not what in my heart. They say do what you love, but I'm always drawn to sales because I can excel at it and provide for the family. Lately though I've not been excelling at it...I've been stuck in some weird middle ground, where I don't care anymore. I've lost my drive and am left wondering what I should be doing.

Doing what I love, writing and photography, makes me happy. So here's what I've decided....

I have a feeling that my book will be getting published soon, as a small publishing house has shown some real interest. I'm going to work local book store chains to get some space. I'm going to work the state paper, where I used to work, to get a review. And see how it goes.

I've already started my photography business in October, but haven't really promoted it. Without asking for any business, I've had a steady flow of a couple photo shoots a month. It's been enough to help us get by financially. I WILL get my business cards made this week!! And I WILL start handing them out and promoting myself. If I could get 5 gigs a month, I'd be happy.

And I plan on taking sales position with a company that's already made me an offer until I can get my first love up and running. I'm leaving my current position, in sales, because of the environment. I'm not a fit there....they know it and so do I. I don't drink their company kool-aid. I'm not motivated to be my best there. It's time to change and move toward my goals. In the mean time, I'm at peace just getting that out there. Instead of wornoutwoman, I'm signing of as peaceoutwoman tonight!

So as I sign off I'm leaving you to have a good laugh at my husband's expense...my son got out his face paints this afternoon and attacked his dad after he got home from work. For a five year old, I think he's expressed himself very well. I call it Americana Gone Wild!

Now I just hope he can get most of the pigment off his face for work tomorrow. His new boss may not think it's so funny!
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