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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Hangover

Today has been such a blur. Yes, I'm back and work but it's been such a daze. I worked from my home office today, and my caretaker picked my son up around 10:35 am. So I had solid morning time with my son today, and administrative catch up time for work.

Seriously though...who wants to hear from a sales person on the day after Christmas? So I took lunch around noon, then tried to follow up with obtaining paperwork my company needs to get some accounts finalized this week. Notice the word...tried...in that last sentence. :)

Today feels so hazy...not that the real reason for the season wasn't my focus this week, but after days of music, lights, sugar, and crazy running around....I'm pooped and ready for a vacation. I'm sure I represent 99.9% of all working moms out there today!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, and you're all looking forward to 2008! What resolutions are you planning?

Here is my number one challenge to myself:
#1---start a work out regimen...not to lose weight, as I'm a thin girl...but to take better care of my body for my self and my future. I want to make sure I'm fit for my future self and my son, so that he's not left to take care of me in a debilitated state. I want to be that spry 90 year old that still tickin'. I need to MAKE myself exercise to help my cardiovascular, skeletal, and mental state.

Okay now that I've eaten all the chocolate fudge in the house, my next step is to start my way out of my Christmas hangover into a moderate workout. I will chart my process here to make sure I stick with it!
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