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Thursday, December 06, 2007

All about daddy...

The last couple of weeks my son and husband have been thick as thieves. He has to wear the same clothes as him...do the same things as him...and be with him 24-7.

It's so nice to see them rolling around on the floor, playing trucks, and watching sports together. My husband is really enjoying this age. My son is past the fragile age...past the baby stage (sniff)...and is growing up to be just like his daddy.

He even has little black 'adidas' basketball shorts that are almost identical to my husband's. Each afternoon when I bring him home, that's the first thing he puts on. I have to fight him each morning to make him put regular clothes on for school. He thinks he can wear them everyday -- all day. It doesn't matter to him that it's 37 degrees outside.

This morning he woke up and called my husband at work. He's got his and my cell phone numbers memorized (he has since he was 3). He chastised my husband for leaving for work with out him today.

After all...they're supposed to do EVERYTHING together!!
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