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Friday, December 28, 2007

Now that Santa's come...

We've had such a full few days of drum playing, hockey stick swinging, lincoln log building, and leapster gaming. I think my son was so very well taken care of this year.

The first thing he did on Christmas morning was sneak in my room and whisper, "Hey I see a drum set by the tree...and it's red! Come see!" He couldn't contain himself and it was so sweet to see his excitement.

He's been playing for 3 days straight, and I'm loving it! My husband, who's also a drummer, has taught him some different drum rolls and beats. He's trying to play them the right way instead of just banging on them. He's so into being just like his daddy, who happens to love Phil Collins. Since I never put my son's face on my blogs, I substituted Phil's for my son's.

Little T (my son's nickname in blog land) also got some boxers just like his daddy. When we took him to see his aunt today, the first thing he did was pull his pants down to show her his boxers...and down came his boxers with the waist band of his pants. He said -- see my new boxers. My sister looked at me with a giggle. That's not all she saw. We quickly pulled up his drawers so he wouldn't feel a draft any more. I hope he doesn't try that again.

Today I kept him home with me while I worked. We went to see a client together, and it was so nice to have him all to myself today. Although my job is slim pickin's when it comes to pay, no other job would give me the luxury of having my son with me when possible. I am very blessed today.

Now that Santa's come and my son has too many things to occupy his time, we're just looking forward to a healthy new year. He wants to cut out the numbers 2 - 0 - 0 - 8 to hang them on our wall for Monday night. He wants a party for just the 3 of us. And I think it sounds like a really good idea to have a party with just me, him, and daddy.
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