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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fun Weekend for the Family

This weekend has been so jam packed full of fun events.

I've got some family in town, and we all went to a blazers game Friday night. My husband gets free passes to the games, so all it cost us a few dollars for popcorn and drinks. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

My and my better half hadn't been to a game together since before our son was born, and it was good to get back to the ice arena to watch the Blazers. My son was so fun to watch. He'd been before with his dad, and is starting to really 'learn' the game. He even leaned over to tell me what player was put in the penalty box. He read their player number off the score board and put two and two together to comprehend what player got a penalty.

He asked me one day last week why players got put in the penalty box, and I told him that it's sort of like a time out for players who've done something wrong. So Friday night he smiled when the first player was put in the penalty box and happily reminded me, "See no one's too big for a time out!" All I could do was laugh!

Saturday morning again we got to have some fun, courtesy of my husband's free passes. There is an ice rink the city has installed outside the Civic Center in downtown OKC. It was my son's first time to learn how to ice skate. While I was getting my ice skates on, my husband was out on the ice trying to keep both him and my son up on two feet. By the time I got out there he told me how bad his back was hurting from supporting our son. I smiled and told him to get off the ice, go grab the camera, and let me take over for a while.

I asked my son to stand up on his own, to support his own weight. Then I told him to put his hands out to his sides, and just 'walk' on the ice skates first. He shuffled a little and got his bearings on the ice, just enough to understand the balance involved. I could tell his ankles were strong enough to proceed to the next level. I then told him that it was okay to fall, but not to put his weight on his heels or he'd fall right on his bottom. He proceeded to lean slightly forward. Finally I instructed him to walk...walk...glide. I told him to repeat that type of movement, and before you knew it....he was skating solo. ALL by himself, he was going a few feet at a time. I was so proud of him.

It was a perfect day for a skate...not too cold but cold enough that you definitely know it's winter. We both had such a good time and weren't ready to leave, but we had a repairman scheduled to be at our home by 1 p.m. So sadly after an hour and a half, we took off the skates to leave. My son was heart broken and didn't know why we had to leave. I was so sad for him.

Today, the ice storms hit Oklahoma. Roads are especially slick and we're home bound. So we've tried to make it a media free day...no computer, TV, or video games. That obviously didn't last long, since I'm sitting here in front of the computer, but we've done really well to stay involved in activities. In fact we did some really cool art with playdough this morning. My son made a playdough figure that he says was supposed to be me----->>>>>>>>

We then made a pretty cool tree, and used his toy hammer to wrap playdough around for the base. Then we used a sharp tool to make lines in the red playdough before adding the green playdough leaves.Now I'm no art critic, but I'd say that's pretty good for a four year old and his mom, who are just trying to beat cabin fever!

Once my husband got home from church, we decided to try to get some family pics for our Christmas cards. My son, wanting to be the photographer, took a few shots of my husband and me. Here's my favorite:

I hope you all are having a great weekend, and pray that no bad weather has come your way.
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