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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I went to vote yesterday, at a vo-tech near my house. I have had this month to just chill, and these last couple of days I'm just catching up to CST. So I had my standard white tank on, and no make up. It's hotter than hades, so my hair does nothing in this weather...and shorts are a must.

Walking in you get the standard question, "Democrat or Republican?"
Which I replied, "Republican please."

I took my ballot and started my tick marks for my desired candidates, here locally, and I overheard some murmurs from the volunteers. The only words I could make out were...younger generation

So you know I can't resist knowing what it is they're saying...

I turn to feed my ballot to the automated machine reader, and ask, "So what is it we're discussing today?" Ofcourse I gave them my biggest smile.

The oldest of the three of them, a man, stopped in his tracks and you could tell he was thinking..."Oh crap!"

The ladies at the table started the explaination:

"Well we saw you walking in from the parking lot...here through this window...and were debating on whether you were Republican or Democrat. We all thought Democrat."

I laughed, and said, "Why because I have no make up on, and a fake tatoo? Would have getting dolled up made me more Republican?"

They laughed, "Make up would have done it..."
Then they back-tracked, "...but you're so cute without it...you don't need it. We just saw this young cute figured thing walking in and thought you were of the younger generation, who are mostly Democrats."

(I think they should have said....not that there's anything wrong with that....because there's not)

I just think it's funny how people perceive one another, and most times I bet you they've pegged every single voter right in their voting decree. But I'm not most people either.
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