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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Travel time for little T

YAYYYYY Friday's almost here. Our trip to Hawaii to not only see my family, Oahu, but island hop to Maui for a family wedding.

I think I'm behind the curve ball already though with so much still to do in preparation for our flight! Ahhhhh!

I have to organize a good enough travel bag to entertain a five year old for the long flight. Here's what Im going to include for my son, little T:
*Coloring Books/Crayons
*UNO Cards
*Blank paper/Pens
*Mini DVD player/kid movies
*Gum, snacks, water/juice

Do you think these things are enough for such a long trip? We've only flown to California with my son, and I'm not sure what to expect. Other than a hyper little kid who can't sit still for too long in normal circumstances!

All I know is that when he was 2, flying to Cali was enough to swear me off air travel with a kid for a very very long time!

I can't link to my blog from that trip, as it's my myspace account and it's set to private. So I'll just paste what I blogged about back in 2006. For your reading pleasure:

"Well, we just took our second flight of the week. We landed in San Francisco on Friday & are now in Orange County.

My son, God love 'em, has done really well, and almost goes the whole flight without a temper tantrum or any episodes of interests....until the last 30 minutes as we start to come into our current destination.

Then the battle of the boy begins and everyone around will hear, "Get me OFF THIS PLANE!" I know it's the air pressure and it effects his ears. I try to get him to suck from his sippy cup, but today -- it wasn't happenin'.

Man, do I sympathize with him...I want off it too. Flying isn't my favorite thing, especially with the turbulence. At least most everyone gave him reassurance when we'd get off. They kept telling him, "How you doing buddy?", when we were walking down the aisle to leave. I was surprised at how cordial most air travelers have been......Glad that leg of the trip is OVER!"

This doesn't sound so bad as I go back and read it, but at the time it was very stressful. So now I know most of you have had lots of air travel experience with kiddos! Give me some insight on what works for you! I need some help here guys! Do good moms really use benedryl? IS that even bad to ask??
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