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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Words

So I've been in Hawaii since Friday. We spent Fri-Monday on Oahu with my family and had pot luck dinner Hawaiian style the first night. 30 plus family and friends came and it was so sweet. My aunti Aimie made special food for my husband, since he has severe food allergies.

My son got to see all my favorite places that I would frequent when I was his age. It was sooo cool to see this whole new world through his eyes.

Since Monday, we've been chillin' in a multi-millionaire's home, that my brother-in-law booked for the week. We all are chipping in to stay here, and it's still less per night than most hotels. So it's like we have our own private resort, with a luxury that we could never afford.

Scott and Mindy get married tomorrow, which is the main reason we made this trip. I can't wait to see them take their vows on the beach in front of a small select group. I'm so happy for the two of them and can't wait to see them stand up tomorrow. My son will be the ring bearer too.

By the way, my son walked in on me today as I was changing into my swim suit. We've not run around naked in front of him since he was a baby, so he's not seen me that way. His eyes got big and he said, "Mommy, your puffers are biiig!" He looked down at his own chest/nipples and went on to say, "Mine aren't big yet."

I tried not to laugh...but had to tell him that his would be like daddy's....not mommy's. By the way....who calls them puffers? Anyone???

This pic above is of Mindy, her mom, and her best friend in our pool for the week. ;) Love this pool!!!
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