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Thursday, July 17, 2008


So tomorrow is take off time! You can read about how I'm feeling here.
But in the mean time I still have to:

**Return my son's shorts I bought for the wedding, that don't fit.
**Take my dog to the vet.
**Pick up my husband's epi pens.
**Pick up the dry cleaning.
**Take some clothes back to a friend, that she loaned me.
**Make sure all is packed for my son's travel bag.
**Go to Victoria's Secret to use my gift certificate...I need underwear.
**Go to Best Buy to use my gift certificate...I need to buy a hand held little camera.
**Go get some last minute essentials like : Wipes, snacks, jumble word book, and -----anything else that I've forgotten.
**Take my son's hermit crabs to my mom to care for while we're gone.
OH! And go deposit some money in the bank!

And that's all today! Yikes!!
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