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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Island Recap

So this last 10 days has been go go go, and I'm surprised that I'm not more worn out! It was a huge blessing to have that hustle and bustle of only fun stuff, not stuff I have to do like...work, housework, laundry, and returning phone calls. If anything I'm extremely relaxed and could keep that pace up for a bit longer if only to be where I was, having that kind of fun.

I think my husband is over-ready and thankful to be home though. I wore him out with my schedule in Oahu, b/c I 'had' to fit everything in our 3 day period before island hopping to Maui for the rest of the trip. My son is the age I was when I first lived there, and I felt this need to show them every of my favorites from that time in my life.

We had to do this...we had to do that...we had to go see this person and have lunch with this friend. I was almost frantic with it, b/c I didn't know when I would have the time or money to come back. I know by the time we reached Maui, he was ready for me to RELAX, which I did in spades. Whenever he'd get grouchy with me, and trust me it was well deserved, my son would say, "Chill out duuuude! We're on Hawaiian time!" That would put him in better spirits every time! And me too...

I had lunch with a friend of mine while I was there, that has built quite a name for herself and I'm very proud of her. To me, she's a sweet girl that always will be Traci, from Hawaii. To those of the island, she's a successful singer and actor. She even had a starring role, as Miss Saigon, on Broadway. I'm very very happy for her and her endeavors, and am proud of her accomplishments.

As we were driving from place to place, my husband kept asking, "Is that Diamond Head?" Every mountain he saw became 'Diamond Head'. He swears he was joking, but part of me wonders... I would just laugh and tell him, "Noooo," for the umpteempth time... and keep driving.

One day, in downtown Honolulu, my husband busted his butt. We were sitting at a red light, next to a gas station. He decided he had to get out of the car, to throw away his empty cup.

Now why the three other empty cups in the car didn't bother him, I'll never know...but that one in his hand just HAD to be thrown away. I begged him to stay in the car...to wait...as our light would turn green any minute and we were in a lot of traffic. BUT nooooo, big bad husband dude just had to run outside in the rain to a trash can over 50 yards away.

On his way back, his foot slipped out from under him and he busted on his back and arm. I saw him get up, as did 10 other cars, and laugh it off like it was no big deal. But by the time he got to the car, and the other cars were waiting for me to go (as the light had been green for a few seconds, but felt like hours to me), he was already wincing. We think he cracked something in or near his ribs, as he couldn't move well for days. I know the cars behind us probably laughed their heads off thinking...'stupid hoale!'

"Now tell me why that was so important, that you had to do that?" I asked.
"I just wanted to have some fun!" He winced in reply.
"You're too old to have that kind of fun," I said, which then my son parroted. From then on my son reminded him he was definitely way toooo old to have fun.

Once in Maui, we swam and relaxed the week away in preparation of the wedding. It was a very relaxing environment, with all our family around. It was a little bit of heaven. The wedding was beautiful. Scott and Mindy are so much in love and to see them take their vows was awe inspiring.

A lot of you have asked which dress I ended up wearing for the wedding, since I never posted my decision from this post. I found similar to the blue one at Kohl's...only they were having a buy one get one free sale. So I got one for the wedding and one for the luau, after the wedding. Here's some pics of both. The blue was wedding, and the pink was luau.

here's a pic I took at their wedding:
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