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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Kid Rocks

SO my little guy turned 9 this week. Sigh ... 9! It's the last year before double digits. And each year has been a new lesson for me, as a mother. Some of the most important ones I've learned from my child.

Like when he was 7 and we had the 'talk' or when he was 4 and he told me to cancel all his appointments for a full year, because he was angry from getting shots.  I have learned that my son has a strong backbone, a bright mind, and a deep heart.  I've learned more about me as a person, through watching and rearing my son.

Friday I learned that I wasn't the only one that held respect for my son is such a 'big picture' way.  I know God has big plans for my son, but I never thought that He'd be using my son in such big ways now, in his life at age 8 to 9.

Friday I took cookies to my son's school during the lunch hour, to celebrate his birthday with all his classmates.  The teachers there have a wonderful tradition, which is allowing each child around the room to say something or express something to or about the birthday child. 

So in tradition, the teacher invited the children to express their thoughts about or to my little T.  I saw most of the arms around the room shoot up.  She patiently picked them one by one.  I heard comments that every mom or parent loves to her.

I heard things like, "I like him because he's so kind."  or "He's so intelligent."  (I heard that a few times.)

But toward the end of these thougthful and sincere comments one child, who had been waiting patiently finally was chosen to speak.

I heard a soft raspy voice say, "I am glad T is in our class because at recess, when someone's picking on you, he makes them stop.  And he makes everything okay again." 

That brought tears to my eyes.  That my guy, who is small for his age and often gets mistaken for someone a couple years younger than he is, would have that big of an impact on another child. 

My strong willed, stern minded, and big-hearted guy is tiny but mighty.  And he doesn't like bullies.  He's come home before telling me how he doesn't like it when he sees the 10 year old students pushing the younger kids around on the play ground.

And to hear that a child is so grateful to him for that.  Well that was a big moment for me as a parent.  I still tear up about it. 

Not many people, adults included, take up for people when they should.  And my little T is obviously making an impact on those around him...to stop the threats of bullying at his school.

Go lil' T.  You rock.  My kid rocks!!
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