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Saturday, March 31, 2007

cancel all my appointments!!

Yesterday we had our four year old check up. We got his hearing and vision checked....A OKAY. He got to pee in cup for the first time, which he was thrilled about. What is it about boys and peeing anyways? (I think that's another blog) And after the initial interview, where our doctor asked him a round of pertinent questions to test his mental capacity, the nurse came in with a box of needles hidden behind her back.

I hugged my son and layed him down for her. She told him to grab my hands and squeeze hard if he needed to. He saw the the first of two syringes in her hands, and just layed there in a stupor. I know he was thinking, "You're gonna do what?" He held my hands, and didn't even flinch when the first one when in. She slowly injected the shot and pulled out and grabbed the second round. I felt no squeezing going on and no tears were welling up....hmmmm...good sign.

Number two went in his other leg, and again he didn't even flinch. She pulled out that monsterous needle, put spiderman band aids on his legs, and congratulated him on being such a big boy. He sat up and said frowning, "Don't ever do that to me again. Did you hear me? That hurt!" No crying--just anger at her for doing that! I wanted to giggle but couldn't, so I leaned over to grab him in a loving embrace for reassurance. My child is the sweetest, most funny kid. He looked at me with big eyes and told me, "Tell her not to ever do that!"

After she left and we paid, he complained some. It dawned on him how bad it hurt and whimpered a little. He was due! I would have been crying if she'd done that to me....I would at least made a grunt, a noise, or cursed....which I never do. Once in the car he stated very grown up, except for the fact that his bottom lip was stuck out, "Mom, cancel all my appointments with the doctor this year! I'm never going back to that place again!" This time I couldn't help but belly laugh.
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