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Thursday, February 16, 2012

UNDEFEATED in Theaters Tomorrow!

After a rough couple of weeks (you'll know why if you've read my post from last week) I've need a shot in the arm with something good.

Even today I had to rush to the hospital to see a client/friend, who'd been in a serious car accident.  An accident she was blessed to survive.

In so many ways I feel overwhelmed emotionally.

A couple days ago, I heard about UNDEFEATED.  I just watched the trailer and it sums up how I've been for the last two months.

Just like the kids in this trialer I've struggled with all that life has thrown at me lately. And just like these kids, who have a leader in their coach, someone who cares about them unconditionally ... I have a leader and coach in my God.

I know how blessed I am.  And a few rough months won't keep me down.  A few rough months is nothing compared to the rough lives most of these kids have to overcome.

I think EVERYONE should see this.  Sean Combs, also known as 'P. Diddy' saw this film and loved it so much, he signed off t be the executive producer of the film.

I can't wait to see this documentary!  It's in theaters starting February 17th. 
Here's the trailer - watch and see for yourself.

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