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Thursday, September 24, 2009

my little salesman

This is the first year we're taking the leap and joining cub scouts. We're enjoying the culture and activities so much. Right now it's all about selling popcorn, to earn money for our troop.

My little guy has always been a great salesman and negotiator. What kid isn't?

But after years of listening to me on the phone with clients, I guess it's really soaked in.

Two nights ago, he grabbed my cells and scrolled through my contacts list. He started by dialing the obvious: nanas and papas, and immediate family. He could have just said, "Hey wanna buy something from me," and they would have forked over a few dollars. But he goes all the way with anything he does. His spiel was unbelievable. He even had the features and benefits of the product down pat. And instead of trying to sell the little items, he went for the $50 tins every time with the assumptive close.

After our family had run it's course, he started scrolling through my phone to find any name he knew. The most memorable conversation went something like this:

my son: "Hey, um I'm trying to raise money for my pack for cub scouts and I'm doing that by selling popcorn. I'd really like to tell you about it."

my sweet friend: "ok!"

(from here he went into product knowledge and investment levels)

friend: "Well, my husband is out of town and I really need to discuss this with him and call you back when we figure it out."

my son: "Well hey! I know you could 3 way call him and I like 3 way calling! Call him now and I'll tell him all about it!"

My jaw almost hit the floor, in listening to him wheel and deal. What was more amazing is that she agreed and the next thing I knew he was selling her husband on three way calling. HA!

Within an hour, my little 6 year old sold 200 dollars of popcorn. Not bad for a night's work!

I'm such a blessed mommy!
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