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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Moments

At the age of 5, my son has continued to surprise me. He's so wise and silly at the same time. While peering into my eyes to tell me he loves my beautiful brown eyes, he pops off about a new wrinkle he found around them. Talk about a back-handed compliment.

This week has been a doozy as far as his little personality and how it's developing. You can read here about his girlfriend situation. Since then he's proposed to yet another cute young thing on his soccer team.

You can see how he chased and chased her. I was standing with her father, waiting for the game to start, and the next thing we heard was my son asking for this little girl's hand in marriage.

It was too windy to hear her response, but I figure she didn't mind too much. Her dad said she punched the last little boy who asked her. My son is quite the playah. He went in one breathe from asking her ... to waving to the second girl of his dreams on the opposing team ... leaving his new fiance in the dust.

Can anyone say girl crazy at five? What am I going to do in his teens??

Last night topped it all though. We were at a pot-luck dinner for our church volunteers. And a friend of mine and I were talking about his healthy eating habits, and he busted out with, "And I haven't even had a sip of alcohol today!"

Her eye's bulged, and she started cracking up. He then continued with, "Not even in my whole life."

I had to explain that I wasn't a bad parent and how he heard of drinking alcohol in the first place. You can read up on that here. My son's little comment was the talk of the party. Everyone loved knowing that he wasn't an alcoholic. Yay mom!
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