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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Daily Grind

So this week my numerous sleep disorders haven't bothered me one bit. I think my job at the restaurant has me so busy that by the time nighttime falls, I'm ready to crash.

I haven't gotten the whole swing of how to eat during the day yet. Breakfast makes me queasy. So I normally don't eat it. BUT now if I don't eat something early, I won't eat until 3 pm. My schedule is 11 - 2:45ish, and I can't eat while working.

Most eat right afterwards in the restaurant, but I try not to do that either as I need to conserve every dime I make in tips. So when it's time to get off I'm either starving or my stomach has forgotten I'm starving ... and I just can't eat then either.

Any suggestions for me?
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