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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Babysitting Blues

So tonight was the first time we left our son with a sitter. It's been 4 years of family care whenever my husband and I had things to do, or needed a date night. I can't tell you how apprehensive I was. Especially after my last post...this is a crazy world we live in.

BUT...we didn't just drag in someone off a street corner to sit for us. It was an intern that worked at my husband's office for the summer. When my son came to visit at his office, I noticed how he was drawn to this beautiful girl and how well she interacted with him.

Long story short we asked her to babysit last week. I asked her over to hang out with us on Sunday to get our son used to her being her ahead of time. I checked her references, which were stellar! And finally did a lot of prayin...

Tonight, my son couldn't get me out of the house fast enough once Sarah got there. He told me to leave! With Sarah, he had his captive audience and was so excited to play with her. I checked on them once via cell phone from our financial peace class tonight...and of course they were doing fine.

Here's the shocking part...I got home on time and expected to have a warm homecoming. Who wouldn't be excited to see their mom? Nope! As soon as I walked in, they were sitting side by side on the couch, watching "How It's Made". As soon as he saw me...he started to cry and told me to leave. He wanted to be alone with Sarah and was upset I came home. What??

I had to laugh that he wanted me to leave. On top of that he got upset that she then had to go home. It took 30 whole minutes for him to snap out of his funk. Now that is some serious Babysitting Blues!
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