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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sex and marriage

Rebecca over at 'A Not so Desperate Housewife' wrote a blog about keeping the romance alive in one's marriage, and it got me thinking...

What about keeping the sex drive alive?

Although I feel my husband is very romantic and tries really hard to please me, when it comes to advancing to the bedroom more could be done to romance me. Romancing a relationship or a heart is completely different than getting a woman in the mood.

Do most men know what things please a woman? Don't get me wrong, my husband knows what he's doing once we're there. It's always a WOW (and I don't mean a WornOutWoman moment)! It's a WOW...that was great moment. But what about getting a woman to that point?

Any man can pick up a book or google to read a blog about female erogenous zones. It's a great overview of the woman's body and what might make them tick. But guys, what about YOUR woman? Each of us is different!

Just grabbing for our breast or rubbing between our legs, while driving home isn't good foreplay! We all know men like boobs....but grabbing for them isn't what does it for 99% of women.

Ladies, if you feel you're in this boat, talk to your man. Don't be afraid to tell him what gets your motor humming. Ask him to focus on your favorite body parts instead of his!

And then in turn...to be fair-ask him what turns him on. The idea that you want to please him just as much will excite him. He'll know you're really invested in making your love life the best it can be. Lets face it, men need physical reassurance more than women. Just rubbing up against him can set him off, but our orgasms are triggered by our own minds and emotions. Not to burst anyone's bubble here guys, but our complete satisfaction starts with how we 'feel' about you and ourselves in our own mind.

Talking about sex is so taboo for most people and I just felt the need to post this for some odd reason.

Anyone have anything else to add?
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