Designated Survivor Killed Off by the F-Bomb

My father always said that when people use swear words, it's because they're not able to hold an intelligent conversation. I never understood how true that was until I grew up and became a mom later in life.

First, let me state this loud and clear, I don't judge people if they do curse. In my younger years, I was known to let a few fly here and there - and as a military brat, I've heard my fair share.

But, as a writer, I've learned that the truly gifted writers are the ones who can spin a story with wit, charm, and fantastic banter without using curse words as a crutch. And, that's what they are - a crutch - a filler and a crass one at that.

The above scenario - the writing with wit and all that charm is what Designator Survivor used to be for its first two seasons. It was a great show I could watch with my teen and trust me, teens are not TV watchers. They're on Youtube or playing video games. Watching TV is the last thing on their agenda. For my guy to sit through a whole show says something about the plot, characters, and WRITING.

I was so hooked on Designated Survivor that I need a tub of ice cream after the season two finale. When I realized I couldn't stream another episode, I sat up, screaming, "NO!" So, I faithfully waited for another season so I could find out if Emily - played by Italia Ricci - was actually a traitor or caught up in yet another web of deceit and an innocent bystander.

When I found out season 3 was ready to view - I yelled across the house to tell my kid about it. He ran to the living room to meet me so we could watch the season opener. Within minutes, he looked at me - one eyebrow up and wincing as if in pain.

Either the show had hired a new writing team, or the previous ones started smoking crack because F-bombs were flying high as if the cast had just gotten out of basic training or were raised by a pack of wolves. My kid shook his head and said, "Nope - they ruined the show." And, I wholeheartedly agreed.

What was a fantastic show was tanked by a writing team, thinking it would be cool to use the F-word in every other sentence.

Fast forward to today, and I just saw the show has been canceled. No surprise there, but what a shame because this show had lasting power if only the show's writers had their finger on the pulse of America and not just Hollywood's. The two are vastly different, and sadly, they lost their fans in a matter of five minutes into season 3.

That being said - I loved the actors on this show. The ensemble that the casting director created in the diverse cast was by far my favorite set of characters. It's too bad the writing killed the show.


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