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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wonder Woman - Must See Film This Summer

From start to finish, this film was spellbinding.  From the second it came on screen, an action-filled soundtrack paired with flat two-dimensional graphics flooded the screen & allowed a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s journey in life before she evolved into a pop culture world-while phenomenon.   Her Amazon spirit set an entirely different tone for anyone who was used to the television version of Diana Prince.

Gal Gadot, an Isreali actress, martial arts expert, and model easily stepped into the tall boots of the warrior princess and made the transition making us feel she wasn’t just an actress playing a part.  She breathed the essence of Diana, Princess of Themyscira - originally known in DC comics as Paradise Island. 

This film starts in today’s time with a mysterious photo delivery from a WWI era.  It’s Diana posing center with two soldiers on either side of her – all with a victorious smile.  One of those soldiers being Chris Pine. 

Without giving away too many details of the film, which centers around the dated photo mentioned earlier, this story spans the gamut of Diana’s life.  It gives a peek into her life from her precarious youth, as she yearned to be a warrior princess like the other Amazonian warriors on the island, to her adult years as she accompanied Chris Pine, a Brittish spy masquerading as a German pilot, from the beaches of Themyscira, her home island, to the real world, where she attempts to hunt down her nemesis, Aries, the god of war.

Wonder Woman showcases how loyal and fierce women can be in the same breath.  It colors a bold picture of how hard we fight when there’s a cause while still respecting the softer side of life.  Diana showcases this brilliantly as she champions forth in her battles kicking ass and saving the world all in the name of love.

The romantic chemistry between Gadot and Pine was just enough to paint a vivid picture of what happens behind closed doors, without being blatant or obscene.  I loved the tenderness between these two.  Their love symbolized so much in this film ... but again, I don't want to give any of the details away.  

I highly recommend this film for men and women alike as there’s plenty of gore, action, and fight scenes that will satisfy the male population while providing insight into the female psyche offering a glimpse of humanity, tenderness, and passion for humankind.  (okay and a glimpse of Chris Pine’s almost naked body – that alone makes this is a must-see film).
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