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Thursday, January 21, 2016

7th Grade Essay Over Tone Starring Donald Trump

So my kid wrote an original story tonight for his English class, and I just had to share it.  Courtesy of Lil' T - here you go:

The Menacing, Suspenseful Story of...
                                    DONALD TRUMP


            It was a dark and stormy morning… What did you expect? A dark and story night?  Come on, I’m more original than that! Wow. Just wow.

Anyway, It was a dark and stormy morning. When a group of kids went to Donald Trump’s house to do research for their horror game in the making, ‘5 nights at Donald Trump’s’.

When they crept to the house, it had creaked and groaned. Then, the doors mysteriously opened. And when they went in, the doors behind them disappeared. (What did you expect? For them to close and lock on their own? We’ve been over this! Originality!)
 They decided it was too late to turn back and went down the dark and spooky halls. In the distance, they thought they saw a light. They headed over, and Donald Trump’s face appeared on a screen. He said, “This is my house. Now you’ll be stuck here and never find your way out. How about a real life experience of 5 nights at Donald Trump’s? Also, you’d better vote for me, or you will be stuck here foreverrrrrrr
              So, it was too late to turn back. They found a large open room, where tons and tons and tons of walls appeared. Then Trump’s face appeared again saying: “I will build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of America. I have made these walls because you are the illegal immigrants of my house.”
They had to find their way around a maze of walls, or they would never escape. Then, suddenly, without warning, Donald Trump came and gave them a jump-scare. He laughed and said, “Lol, get good noobs, you can’t even pass night one!”
They had to survive 5 nights in the mysterious maze room. They decided to stay where they were, and then, a bunch of illegal immigrants came through and jump-scared them. Night one was hard for them, but they decided to try again. They made it through many challenges, running from many immigrants, T.V. women in his campaign (We need change, REAL CHANGE! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! - yeah, those T.V. campaign ladies), and Trump himself.  Suddenly, they were cornered. They could not escape. They were trapped, doomed!  Then, they made a deal. They would forge many fake ID’s and use them all to vote for Trump. He agreed and let them out.   
Vote for Donald Trump or you may end up stuck in his house running from T.V. campaign women, illegal immigrants, and Donald Trump.

The End.
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