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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A New Christmas Memory

Each Christmas brings us new phases and surprises as a family.  I still remember when dancing Elmo was the hit of our season, as my 18-month-old laugh and squealed with delight.  Then, we moved to the 'Is Santa real?' phase.  There were many years in between the two, but those two Christmases stick out the most.  I lovingly reflect on our family moments as we put up our tree, and hang our family moments on each artificial branch.

This year, my son spent way less time with me as we decked the halls.  As an almost thirteen-year-old, he's more interested in glancing down the hall as I wrap up the presents and decorate the tree.  But I know he's still invested in our family, as he proved today.

My heart warms thinking of what happened today.

We were shopping at Kohls when suddenly he diverted down another aisle, telling me to give him a few minutes.  Apparently, he spotted something really special that did not need me in the immediate vicinity for.  He spent a few minutes laboring over his choice (of whatever it was he was looking at) and found me a couple of minutes later with his arm behind his back, saying, "Whatever you do, promise me you won't look at what is behind my back."  My heart smiled as he was obviously  picking out something for me.

We finished up our list within about twenty more minutes and found ourselves at the counter, where he halted me at the register with pleading eyes.  He told me to turn around until he was done paying for his merchandise.  And since he just opened his own checking account, he had his first debit card, which meant he was making his first purchase all. by. himself.

I overheard him asking the checkout girl to make sure she put it in a bag to where I wouldn't be able to see and to make sure to hand him the receipt.  He struggled a bit with the terminal that sat on the corner, but he managed to muddle through the prompts and sign for his first purchase.

After I was allowed to turn around to make my own purchase - I gave him a hug as a thanks.  This new family tradition where we actually shop together, and he buys his own gifts is pretty cool.  He makes my heart smile with his giving spirit.  I love that kid and I adore our new Christmas memory we made today.
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