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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Finding Kylie - the Script

This past weekend we finally wrapped up the reading for FINDING KYLIE.  Working with these actors at Oklahoma City University School of Theatre was such a unique and amazing experience.  For years my writing partner, John Schwab, and I have been working toward the hard read in order to edit our final draft of the screenplay for Finding Kylie.  This step was supposed to give us insight on what needed to be tweaked, added, or changed to take our script to the next level.

And now that it's over - all I have to say is WOW.  The kids did a phenomenal job in portraying the actors and their personalities, quirks, and insecurities.  Thanks to them - we were able to see what worked and what needs to change.

Some people have asked me - 'what's next?'.

Now - we continue work our script from across the globe with the updated edits.  We Skype and FaceTime to discuss potential changes and put the work in.  Once the story progresses the way we envision - we'll hit the film market.

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