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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meet the Set Director For Finding Kylie

Okay - I admit - this is a hhhhhooorrrible photo of me, but I had to introduce you to my set director for the reading of Finding Kylie.

The date is set for October 3rd, and she has such vision and passion that I know it's going to turn out great!  We met for lunch today and she (upon meeting me for the first time) enveloped me in a huge hug.  I knew I loved her ... she has heart and a bright smile.

We talked about the visuals she's going to put in place and then in turn asked me about who each character was.  Not just 'what does Timothy look like?' but 'Who is he and what makes him tick?'

This way when casting they would put the right actor in place to make each character as authentic as possible.

By the questions she asked I could tell she'd poured over the script, not just perused it.  So I had to ask her ... what she thought.  Her words blew me away.  In essence, she loved it.  This is a well versed professional, who knows her stuff, and she loved the message and the writing of our script.

Now - I know it shouldn't matter if she loves it.  The project will happen with our without her approval, but to know she has put heart into it because she loves it means a whole lot more.

On Oct 3rd, we'll be filming some of it, periscoping, and taking a ton of pics.  I'll keep you posted as time draws near.

On a side note - SAVING GRACE is doing very well.  I'm blown away at the response.  So thank you to each one of you who has taken time to read it.  Heres a lovely review I received on GoodReads.  I don't know she is but she is one of my new favorite people.  If I ever meet her, I'd love to give her a big hug.  Kind words ...

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