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Jenner Justified?

People on both sides of the spectrum are up in arms with the platform of a transgender lifestyle. When it comes to the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn - people are vocal in both camps.  There have been a gazillion Facebook posts about Bruce Jenner's transition and how he doesn't deserve the title, hero.  I know some things in life are black and white - but in this instance ... I guess I'm a fence rider.

Sigh ... so (twisting my arm) - here is my two cents.

First let me state - that as a Christian, I am a believer of the Bible and the fundamentals that come along with that.  I know God wants us to follow Him by serving others, striving for a sin-free live, and most importantly accepting His son, as Jesus is our example of what LOVE is all about.  However, God also gives us free will to do with our lives what we want.

THAT BEING SAID ... WHO AM I TO JUDGE when someone doesn't live or believe like me?? 

Although I've been judged or criticized throughout my life for being a follower of Christ, I refuse to judge anyone in return when they can't see things my way.  It would be like calling the kettle black.

Do I agree with Bruce/Caitlyn's plight to reassign his/her gender?

I'm not in his shoes to make that call.  I am not confused about my gender so I could never imagine what he must have been facing when coming out to the world.  So, whether I agree or not - it's not my call.

Do I think he deserves an award for bravery?

I believe bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.  I don't take anything away from my military family for being heroic in battle or war, by saying someone else is brave in their walk in life. Although not a war hero, Bruce has been very brave to face the ENTIRE world in an arena that is NOT the norm in how MOST of us live.

Do I cheer him on and say atta boy - er girl?

I'll be honest.  The whole thing throws me off kilter.  I'm not a liberal.  I'm a conservative girl. However, I think it is his or her right to live how he or she feels fit --- as long as he or she is not causing damage to those around him.

My seventh grade teacher taught me a long time ago - that 'your rights end at the end of your own nose'.  I may not say atta girl - but I definitely don't harshly judge or have any ill will.  If I knew him her, I would love her as she is.

Bottom line here:

I wish the best for the whole Jenner family.  This must be a very challenging time for each one of them.

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