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Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank you ....

As a brat, you see all sorts of different elements around the globe, which makes one understand how certain aspects in life can shape cultures, economies, and moments in time. 

I wish I could express to those who don't understand the military, just how sacred our freedoms are ... because of the blood that has been shed by our military men and women throughout time. 
Saying thank you isn't enough. Honoring them over a weekend seems trivial. 
I wish I could open more eyes of complacent Americans to allow them insight of how much heart has gone into their citizenship and rights, wether they appreciate them or not.

Thank you to our fallen heroes. Thank you is not enough - but thank you is all I have.

*On a side note - a lot of people get Memorial Day and Veteran's Day mixed up.  Today is about serving the fallen.  Although thanking the living vets is always welcome  ... today is reserved for those who shed blood for our freedoms.
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