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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's Coming Soon ...

Grace Aundine, beautiful socialite and member of one of the most notable families on the east coast hasn’t known real love since the death of her parents.  Controlled by her grandmother, betrayed by her boyfriend, and abandonedby her sister, Grace is on the run and in hiding from her family and the world.

Nathan Burkette just wanted to be left alone.  He knew all too well about being betrayed by the ones you love.  After getting out of the military - Burke chose a solitary life on Oahu, where he thought no one would bother him ... until Grace shows up on his beach ... alone, battered, and looking like she could jump out of her skin. 

Burke tries to leave Grace to her own devices, as she sits alone on the sandy shores behind his home, but fate intervenes.  Before both of them know it - they are not only falling in love but onto a dangerous path, that leads straight into Grace’s past.

Will he save her in time?
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