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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

At bedtime, on Christmas Eve, I was getting my son settled, which means bedtime prayers and end of the day revelations.  I usually ask things like, 'what are you thankful for today?' or 'What happened in your world that was good?'.  Sometimes I'll ask - 'If you could change something from today, what would it be?'.  That last question allows me insight to any stresses he might be dealing with that wouldn't normally unfold on their own.

As we were chatting on Christmas Eve, I was internally reflecting on my life and how blessed I was to have such an amazing kid, who is tender hearted while also being stubborn and strong.  He's a pistol when he wants to be but always sweet and kind to the core.  That night, I told him that I must have done something wonderful in my life to deserve a kid, like him.

He smiled sweetly, grabbed my face with his hands, and said, "Oh mom.  You could have done nothing to deserve it.  That's how God's grace works.  He blessed you because He wanted to."

I smiled in return, and teared up at his spirit.  Then he laughed, seeing my reaction, and said, "I know.  I'm full of wisdom lately, huh?"

After he fell asleep, which was way late ... because Christmas morning was luring him in, I crashed.  It had been a long week at that point, and I've had a lot of stresses in my life that are not only threatening to unfold but overflow.  I slept like a rock, knowing I'd be up early due to an anxious child by the tree.

That morning, he waited for us to wake up ... and I mean waited for an hour and a half.  He didn't play on his computer, nor did he grab his hand held electronics to pass time.  He turned on the Christmas tree lights, and patiently waited - occasionally checking our room to see if we'd woken up yet.  At 9:45, I sensed movement in my room and sat up to see a big kid with a smile, excited to start Christmas.  I asked him why he didn't wake us up earlier, to which he said,  "Because I wanted you to sleep in."

My kid not only watches out for me, but he's growing into a wise counselor.  I'm truly blessed.
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