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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Lil Guy's Growin Up

Sixth grade has been such a big year.  Middle school started out rough with deadlines for papers, more responsibilities, and no room for excuses for teachers.  My kid struggled for a while as he'd always had grace periods when things were late ... until this year.  This year his teachers show tough love, while pushing them to be better and expect better of themselves.

Now mid year, he gets all his homework done at school, and remembers most of his projects.  Hey - he's not perfect.  He's still my silly forgetful kid, but he's grown leaps and bounds with his responsibilities as school.

At home, I've also been trying to cut the chord so to speak.  It's been a big transition and my kid is such a softie.  He still wants me to walk him in to school.  He still lovingly reaches to hold my hand.  And - he still will hug me in front of his friends without a care who sees.  And although I don't discourage his affection, as I never want him to feel ashamed of showing love for others - I've been getting tougher with him with little things like forcing him to make his own decisions, or not walking him (all the way) in to school.   :)

As I push him to go and do things on his own - to be his own person - I see how much he's growing up into an amazing kid, who is not afraid to show compassion and love for others (including his mom) while still being one of the guys.  He's joined some clubs at school and is developing is own sense of self - without me being a part of it.  However the base of what we (his parents) have given him, is what he's using to grow into these new roles in life.

I smile as I hear his voice getting a bit deeper - and see how much he's growing.  My heart warms as I see him hanging with his friends, who laugh at his jokes. (My son's role model is Tom Bergeron)

My lil' guy is growing up into a fine young man, who still has a big heart and loves to make others smile.  He is my treasure.

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