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Dare to be Disco

As I'm in my forties, I remember the 70's and 80's with a smile.  The fashion, the music, and the styles were one of a kind.  I loved my bell bottom jeans in the 70's and adored my madonna lace gloved and M.J. zippered pants in the 80's.  And the music ... ahhh. From the Bee Gee's to the Billy Joel - both eras were filled with amazing artists.

Some would say I loved the music so much that I even married someone, who plays that style of  music for a living. See my husband's work page to find out how Dancin' Dave McKay plays all your favorite hits from the 70's and 80's.

So when I saw the VeggieTales had a new flick, Celery Night Fever, I knew I had to get a copy to giveaway, as the VeggieTales daring to be Disco is something that could make us all smile.  

For the past 20 years, VeggieTales have been inspiring pre-schoolers around the globe with their upbeat story lines that focus on the Bible and the ethics that go along with Christian principles.  And with this new release, this rowdy group of vegetables is stirring up a fresh pot of fun as they boogie their way through silly yet adventurous tales.

Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and all their veggie disco dudes appear in this curiously catchy new release.  And their groovy new image will keep your preschoolers giggling throughout, as they dance around in their  retro polyester.  Heck, it will make you laugh too.

Terry Crews, from Brooklyn Nine & Who Wants to be a Millionaire, stars and sings in this timeless tale about friendship and forgiveness.  Along with him, you'll hear Kellie Pickler, from American Idol, who brings her unforgettable and irresistible charm and voice to this project.

Crews provides the essence for Bruce the Onion, a rotten real estate developer who intends to develop the green Celery Park into a parking lot.  His underhanded actions pushed Laura the Carrot and Junior Asparagus to initiate a reunion among the long-lost 70's band, the Groovy Brothers, who haven't spoken to one another in decades.  Their bitterness spills into the entire project - putting not only the Celery Park in jeopardy but the best friends involved trying to save the park.  

The bottom line - the story inspires young minds to learn about forgiveness, which is a seed that should be planted in us all.  At the essence of life lessons forgiveness needs to be key for our kids to be able to develop and push past disappointment.  Being able to forgive yourself and others, is a huge milestone that is life changing.  It's a hard pill to swallow but to instill it into your wee ones could give them a leg up.  This DVD provides some awesome life lessons ... 

Celery Night Fever features six original songs, including a rousing number from Bruce Onion (aka Terry Crews). 

Terry, who is an admitted long time fan of the VeggieTales, brings a passion to this project that is undeniable.  

Although this DVD releases on August 5th, I have a free copy to give away for one lucky reader.  Leave me a message, and I'll enter you in my drawing.

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