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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Just wanted you to know ...

I hope you never have to deal with a severe allergic reaction, as it's not only scary but can be life threatening.  

Through the last 13 years, I've dealt with not only my husband having severe food allergies, but my child.
Not once - but twice have I had to watch my husband go through an anaphylactic attack, which is the most terrifying experience.  Most of you might be saying an 'ana what'? But trust me, you need to know what could happen. 

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction, which comes on quick, shutting the airways down and can result in death.  Needless to say EpiPens are severely important to my family.  My son, thankfully, has outgrown his allergies, but we keep one ... just in case.

A close friend of mine, John Schwab, is a champion for the Anaphylaxis Campaign, an organization, which tries to educate the general public about this serious condition.  He is also a believer in having his 
EpiPen handy.

John recently produced a short film on his experience, which tells of his son's near death experience.  I encourage you ALL to go here to watch the youtube video, on how this life changing episode unfolded.

Or watch this:

Anaphylaxis happens when someone who is sensitive to certain allergens comes in contact with them.  Here's the kicker, a lot of people don't know what they're allergic to.  

Like with John's story, mentioned in the video link above, neither my husband nor son had any known allergens.  They both had violent reactions, which led to either dialing 9-1-1 or rushing them to the hospital.  And who was the one doing this?  Me!
Allergies don't just effect the person with them, but the caretaker needs to be level headed and know how to handle every scenario and possible outcome.  This is why EpiPens  are vital, as anaphylaxis does not stop on its own.  EpiPens will slow it down and give you the much needed time to get to the hospital.
If you're reading this and wonder about you or a loved one having allergies ... even if it's a slight chance ... please go get tested.  

Below I've included some info on how to get free EpiPens,  which are not cheap.  I've had to pay up to 45 dollars, with insurance.  Call an allergist near you, get tested, and take advantage of free EpiPens!

Click here to fill out the form and print your $0 Co-Pay Offer Card from Mylan - this is the company who makes them.

Make sure you have a prescription for your EpiPen, and then take your prescription and your $0 co-pay card to your pharmacy to get your free EpiPen or EpiPen Jr. two-packs.
You can use the card to receive as many EpiPens as you need throughout the year. 

Trust me - that's a big deal!!

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