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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just Another Reason I Love Clouds

So from time to time, I take a few photos.  Okay, so maybe I do it every day.  I'm a cloud fanatic.  I'll often post them on Instagram at @KMcKay and tag them with #cloudporn or #cloudlovers.

Last week, I was walking around the lake, with my best friend, Susan, when I stopped for this photo...

Susan and I walk as our boys kayak or paddle board during the week.  It's good for her as she needs to get her steps in for the day, and it's good for me as I get to snap random photos along our walks.  It's therapeutic for us both as we talk about what's going on in our lives, and we're able to let go of stresses or celebrate triumphs.  And she allows me my indulgence of photo snapping as we take certain turns around the lake.  

As I snapped the above photo, she paused and smiled - knowing I had to get 'just one more.'  She doesn't skip a beat once I finish and we go on our way.  I loved this photo so much that I changed my desktop appearance by making this photo my background.  This means it was blown up, and the clouds were front and center.

Once I looked at my desktop, I got a whole new perspective on why I loved this moment in time so much.  Look at the photo above.  Can you see someone in it? 

If not, here's a closer look.
To me, it looked like an angel was peeking over the cloud, looking down on me with a smile as I took this photo.  This makes me smile from the inside.  

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