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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Running For Someone's Life

Run for your life!

It's a common phrase.  We've all heard it.  It means to get the heck out of dodge to save your own skin.

However, since a friend of mine took a personal pledge to save lives in third world countries, by running four marathons over a course of four consecutive days, that phrase has a whole new meaning.

Let me introduce you to Katie, a very compassionate and driven woman.

I saw her in church today, hobbling ... suffering with every step she took, to catch up with her family in church.  Anyone, from the outside ... not knowing her journey, would never know she just ran from Tulsa to Oklahoma City in four days.  They would think she was an invalid.

I'm sure you're thinking, 'why would anyone put themselves through that?' ... 'why would anyone abuse their body like that?'

Ever hear that song by Matthew West, called Do Something?  

Katie gets those lyrics whole heartedly.  She couldn't stand by one more day without doing something about the millions of lives being lost due to unclean water.  Water4's website reports that nearly 5,000 children die every day due to a water related illness ... that's one nearly every twenty seconds.  Let me repeat that ...

  • Nearly 5,000 children die every day from a water-related illness…that's one nearly every 20 secondse
As a mother, Katie couldn't fathom her child suffering simply because a drink of water made them sick.  It was time to do something - so she began her fundraising journey to raise $40,000 for clean water in Africa.  She ran 105.6 miles in 4 days, and according to her this morning ... she's not done. 

Her tenacity and passion blow me away, but that is nothing compared to her heart.  

When my son asked her how she did it ... she said that Jesus was with her every step of the way and if it weren't for HIM energizing her and encouraging her along the way, she wouldn't have made it.  NO KIDDING ... I wouldn't have made it out of mile two.  She ran 105.6 miles!!!

Please consider why she did this ... and if led ... do something.

Out of respect to her, after her phenomenal journey, and in light of the information you've read today, go to Water4.org to donate.  

Not only does Water4 dig wells, but they empower and employ locals to dig and repair them.  They educate communities and we all know education is power.  

They're stimulating the economy in a third world country, offering young people the hope of providing for their family ... while proving clean water and saving lives.

This is a PHENOMINAL organization and I implore you to check them out.

I'll keep you updated as Katie runs for not just her life ... but for the lives of millions of children.

The water4 FB page catalogues her journey to raise money to dig more wells in Africa
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