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Sunday, June 02, 2013


In the car this morning, while we were driving to church, my son and I were having a nice little heart to heart.

We were talking about the difference between boasting and being humble, and I asked him if he knew why it was important to show class and humility.  However that it was okay to be confident about your abilities as long as he was humble about them ... no one likes a bragger.

He nodded his head, and said nothing.

I then asked him if he knew what some of his special abilities were.  I try to bolster his confidence when I can.

He said, "My abilities to play video games?  I'm great at video games!"

I laughed, and said, "Yes, but I was thinking along the lines of your kind spirit, your willingness to share, the way you make people laugh..."

Then I asked him if he could think of any other special gifts that he had, just to see if he could think of anything else other than how good he was at video games.

When we stopped at a red light, I turned to him and waited for his answer.

He got a silly grin and nodded, saying, "My abilities with the ladies is pretty special."

I about lost it!  LOL.  He's a funny kid.
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