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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Review for VAST Restaurant in OKC

Anyone that reads my blog knows I stay upbeat with most things I post.  I try not to get negative or slam anyone or thing.  However ... I feel like I need to warn those, who are considering a trip to VAST, here in Oklahoma City.

VAST is a restaurant that sits high atop the Devon tower, which can be seen from most anywhere in the city.  It's 49 floors up and has a gorgeous view of our fair city, to which I'd promote just for the view.  It's beautiful ... but keep reading. 

My husband and I saved up to be able to go to VAST, as it's a trendy new place that seemed perfect for a date night.  The attire is dressy and the ambiance is supposed to be amazing.

However, I must say that this organization was not prepared to handle any food allergies. So if you have any food challenges at all - you need to think twice before going.

We clarified with our waiter, who was great by the way, that my husband had dire allergies and 'WOULD stop breathing' if ingesting the wrong thing.  To the best of our knowledge, our waiter knew of the severity and alerted the chef to our needs.

Within 5 minutes a food runner approached, holding two tiny plates, saying, "Vegetarian?"  To which I replied, "Um, no.  Gluten free."

He set our plates down and I asked - to be sure - and pointed to my husband's plate ... "Is his gluten free?"

The food server nodded and said, "Oh yes."  Then he left us to our food.

Now thankfully these tiny plates had tiny servings on them, as this was our saving grace.  Because within a few minutes our waiter approached, in panic saying, "Oh no!  You ate the wrong one.  That one is not gluten free!  I'm so sorry."  He pointed to my husband's plate and was openly upset.  I can't fault our waiter ... he really tried to do the right thing.

The manager however ... is another story.

After my husband the wrong item, to which he could have stopped breathing, we spent a very tense 20-30 minutes to see if he was okay. Granted manangement checked on us, but I feel it was only to make sure we were still able to pay our bill.

Why you ask?  Because after the smoke had cleared, and we finished eating the right items ... the manager served us a bill and said 'if anything would have happened to him, we'd have taken care of the bill-but since he ended up okay... you'll have to pay."

Are you kidding me? We had one of the worst experiences of our lives, and that comment was like a slap in the face. We weren't asking for anything to be comped, although it would have been nice if they had comped at least my husband's food, as he's the one that dealt with not knowing if he was going to stop breathing.

I would have thought that Vast, being a high class establishment, would have put customers first but all they cared about was our bill in the end -no matter the trauma we suffered.

So to you, considering where to dine in our fine city, make sure you remember to check yelp.com for all reviews for this restuarant, as I'm not the only one who have had issues there.  I think the owners need to restructure their management and policies to accommodate customers first and themselves second.  It's not worth the money if they don't care about your experience.
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