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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Most Important Ingredient ... Love

I had the best intentions today.  After a very full and long two weeks of work, and a successful grand opening (in which I was on my feet for over 10 hours), I was bone tired ... but still determined to get to church.

I got up early, showered and dressed, and then got my make up on.  I hollered to my little man down the hall to get dressed.  My hubs goes early, as he volunteers with the kids.  So most Sundays, it's just me and my mini-me going to second service to join my husband.

After getting ready - I took about ten minutes to rest.  After all, I still had a bit of time.  I thought it couldn't hurt to lay down for a few minutes.  HA!

Unknowingly, my few minutes led up to a couple hours.  The next thing I knew,  my husband was home from church, and I heard this from the kitchen ... bang, clank, rustle ... rustle.

My kiddo was in the kitchen making me lunch, because he knew I'd wake up hungry.  He'd face-timed his Nana on his IPod to make sure he was making his kitchen masterpiece correctly.  She walked him through step by step on how to make a pizza.

He proudly walked in carrying a breakfast tray, a neatly folded towel, and a nicely arranged pizza, which he sliced himself, on a plate.

"I made you lunch, mom!"  He beamed from the doorway.

My heart melted.  After he set the tray down, I lifted the pizza and took a bite ... into a very sour pizza. 

"Um, buddy.  Can you check the expiration date on the sauce?"  I asked and gulped down the bite.

You got it.  It was as expired as could be, but I ate every bite, telling him that it was the best made pizza I'd ever had as it was made with love ... the most important ingredient.

My stomach was yelling at me for it, but I didn't want to let me little guy down.  My husband, in seeing all this, got his keys and ran out for hotwings.   Our son had been asking him to buy him some for a couple days, so it was Wingstop to the rescue. 

I've got some amazing guys in my life, and I'm truly blessed.
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