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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's What Makes the World Go Round ...

Thankfully it takes a lot of different personalities in life, or our existence would become very mundane.  Have you heard the saying, 'It's not for everyone?'.  I'm sure you have, as we all have our different opinions on matters that are formed by our own backgrounds and experiences.

Is an athiest going to appreciate a preacher's point of view? Probably not - and vice versa.

However, I have a few athiest friends, who although they may not agree with my stance on faith, they appreciate my choice to have faith.  And I, in return, appreciate their choice not to.  

Most of the people in my life are giving people, who see that it takes all kinds to run this world of ours.  So no matter what their lifestyle or beliefs, they know I appreciate them for them without reservation and expect the same respect in return.

This relationship with a person of differing views isn't typical throughout the world though.  Usually when polar opposites have differing opinions, there will most likely be some negativity involved.

So why am I writing about this?

In the last couple of days, I've received some negative reviews on my book, which is to be expected.  And even though the last couple haven't been glowing, I'm still happy.  It means that word is spreading and people are reading it.

And when I get a review that is less than glowing, it is a reminder that our world is full of differing opinions.  I can not expect someone, who isn't appreciative of my faith, to like my book.  Do I like the fact that the reviewer, today, felt like they needed to make it personal by saying I had 'narrow frame of reference for the human experience on this planet' because I talked about faith in Jesus?  Believe it or not, it gave me a smile.

Although I felt the reviewer made it more personal than it should have been, I was happy that she was definitive in her own beliefs.  We're called to stand up for our faith.  And those that will hear ... will hear.  Those that won't ... won't.  I have not one iota of ill thought or will for someone who is of different mind.  I appreciate the fact that this person has their own opinion.

This lady started her review by stating, 'I don't get how many people could give my book glowing reviews.'

Well here's my two cents on the fact that a lot of people are loving the book ... 

Everyone has different understandings on what has value in their life.  A lot of readers have emailed me personally to tell me how much they loved the book.  And to someone who can't understand that, I say this:

Those that feel that everyone around them should be of the same mind as them should learn to have a bit more understanding for the world around them.  Because, everyone is different.  We can not expect everyone to think or behave like we do, because that could be said (I'm going to use the reviewers own words here.) as having a 'narrow frame of reference for the human experience on the planet'. 

So, why would I post about a negative review on my book today?  Because I was touched by this is in a good way.  I saw the obvious good throughout the negativity the review wanted to portray.

This person was touched enough that they felt they had to leave a review.  They were affected.  The book provoked emotion from this reader.

Isn't that what it's all about?  Touching someone?  Granted, she sparked in a different direction, but thankfully, most that have read it have been touched in a positive manner.  

Let me clearly state, my books are not for everyone.  But, what book is? 

This can be said about anything in life.

Not everyone will feel like you do.  Not everyone shares your faith or lack of.  Not everyone is understanding.  Not everyone will like every book.  And guess what folks?  That's what makes the world go round.

Oddly enough - I was blessed by this review today.  It was a reminder of how different we all are.
And even though someone said something bad about my work ... tomorrow, the sun will still rise.  My faith will still be in tact.  And another reader will read the book and form their own opinion.

Aren't these wonderful truths?  And how blessed are we, that we live in a world where we still have freedom of speech? 

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