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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Vote of Confidence

Recently, I had to take little T to doctor for a follow up.  Our peds doctor has always been the best to work with.  Whenever he introduces us to fellow partners, at their practice, he always says, "This is that patient I've talked about." 

My little guy is a pistol.  And he makes an impression with most that he meets. 

On this day, our friendly doctor walked in with a medical student and proceeded to check little T out.  He then asked his medical student shadow to go through the process, which he just did, so the med student could view T's ear canals and make observations.

We wrapped it up pretty quickly.  I turned to my son and said, "What do you say?"  I assumed he knew I meant for him to respond with, "Nice to meet you."

No ... not my kid.

T:  "Ummm, yeah you made me a bit nervous."  (turning to med student)
Med student: (taken back)  "Me?  Why?" 
T:  "Cause I could tell you were shivery."
Me: "Shimmery?"  (The med student had a red shimmery tie on, and lil' T doesn't like girly clothing on men/boys)
T: "No!  Shivery!  Your hands were shaking on my ears as you checked them."
Med Student: (blushing and now turning the color of his shimmery tie)  "I'm sorry."
T:  "No it's okay.  I can tell this was your first time."  (our doctor busted out laughing)
Med Student:  "Maybe." (not sure what to say)
T:  "Look you did just fine.  All you need is a little bit of confidence and that will carry you through the rest of the day.  You'll do great.  Just have confidence in yourself!"

Yeah, that's my kid.  He's my little pride and joy - and I hope that med student took his advice.  If T gave him a vote of confidence, I'm sure he's got a bright future ahead of him.
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