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Saturday, March 03, 2012

I Survived!!

After mass chaos & sugar crazed maniacs ransacked my home, I'm happy to report all are alive and well.

My husband and I survived our son's first sleepover, after a huge party. 15-20 hyper 9 year olds were running in, out, and around my home for two hours. Afterwards I was crazy enough to invite 3 to stay over.

I finally fell asleep at 3 am and was promptly awake at 6:45 am, when I heard laughter and giggles coming from the main living area. I thought, "Didn't I just get them to stop that and get to sleep?"

...Apparently not.

It felt like an eternity for parent pick up time at 9:30-10:00 am. But it's something I'd be willing to invest my time in again, as my son had his best birthday party yet.

So here I am...craving birthday cake to stay awake...with droopy eyelids and a silly smile on my face.

Not only did my husband and I survive, but we gave him a really great gift. We gave him the gift of time to be with his best buds and be a kid.
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