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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My sweet husband

Due to the nature of my jobs, which have mostly been in outside sales, I've always had to have a reliable car that was under some sort of warranty.  So over the 11 years of our marriage (our 11 yr anniversary is this Friday) we've been to the same dealership 3 times and ended up driving off the lot with something moderate but reliable for me.

Okay how many men would sacrifice every single time to give their wife the good car?  Not many I've ever known of.  However, that's just what mine does.

He just called me a few seconds ago, as he was trying to access the highway.  He was clearly disturbed!  He explained that the car behind him zipped up and around him while the driver was flipping him off... all because my husband's car was going too slow.  I felt so bad for him as he was explaining to me.  He said he pulled up along side the driver and motioned as if to say - 'are you flipping me off?'  The driver blatantly flipped him off again and punched the gas. 

All these years, my husband has driven the very very same old and not so reliable anymore car.  This car is so bad that it won't go over 45 MPH as the turbo broke last year, and we've not been able to fix it.  So when he's accessing the highway or merging into traffic, he has to pray each time not to get hit or pushed off the road by some ego-maniac in a big truck, who's probably never sacrificed for his wife. 

Last year he slid on the ice and cracked the bottom of the car up.  The drip pan underneath started hanging and dragging and my husband fixed it with a wire hanger.  Now it hangs no more, but the car definitely suffers from the wreck cosmetically.  You can see above where it's starting to crack up. 

In the last few years it's slowly but surely started falling apart.  The doors do NOT unlock anymore.  They stay permanently locked from the outside.  If an emergency were to happen, no one could open a door to get my family out if we were unable to open the doors from the inside.  The only door that opens in my husband's driver door.  To get in my son climbs through the passenger window.
He's climbing in driver side here...only because it's second nature to him now.  Needless to say, my family doesn't travel much in my husband's car any longer.  It's just not safe!

The glove box is I think my most aggravating distraction.  When I do have to sit in the passenger seat, the glove box pops open and slams me in the legs.  In hopes to fix it, my husband lined the inside with a high grade velcro to keep it shut.  Yeah ... that doesn't work.  As soon as we hit a bump on the road, it pops back open and slams me in the knees.

The interior is worn.  However the paint job is somewhat shiny still.  My husband does a great job maintaining the look...with the exception of some oily greasy looking leak that lubes up the bottom ledge of the car that will stain your pants when you get in or out of the driver's door.  I hear because it's a diesel car - it has some leakage issues.  I'm not sure why ...

So I'm writing to the Ellen Degeneres to ask for her to consider my husband for a new car.  Anyone reading this want to write her as well to plea my case?

Every single day my husband drives in that car, I'm afraid for his safety.  I'm about to post a sign in the rear window that says, "CAR WILL NOT GO FAST - PLEASE BE KIND!"
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