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Friday, July 15, 2011

Butt of All Jokes

So today was a big teaching moment for my boy.  I told the truth about something that put me in a very uncomfortable position. 

I think we've all been there ... 

Something happens that could be considered a white lie that if under normal circumstances could slide, because if no one ever knows about it - then you don't really have to own up to it.

However, when you're a parent you are always under constant supervision.  Little eyes and ears are always ever present ready to soak in every word you utter and every action you display.  For me, I've always walked a pretty straight line so that my son would not have to question my motives or actions ... but no one is perfect.  Everyone messes up...and a smart parent will use it as a teaching moment.

Long story short, I told a white lie.  And no one would be the wiser if I kept to my story, except my son knew about it.  And even though I didn't blatantly lie to anyone - and it wasn't a harmful untruth, I still did not need to set a low standard for my son.  So ... I fessed up and clarified my untruth. 

This morning I told my son that I came clean.  I explained to him how honesty was always the best policy, and even though I a very honest person sometimes people tell each other what's called white lies.  I emphasized that white lies - although aren't harmful - are still untrue.

I told him even though it put me in a tough spot to tell the truth ... the truth still was better than anything else.

I said, "It's kinda like when I ask Daddy if my butt looks big in a certain pair of pants...and he says .... noooo, not reaaaaallly."  I laughed and finished up with, "You know he just doesn't want to tell me the truth, when the pants really do make my butt look big.  And what he doesn't know is that I'd rather know the truth."

The next thing I heard was a sweet little voice from the back seat of my car.  And it went a little like this:

"Aaawwww Mommy."  He paused for that angelic effect.  "I would neeeever tell you that your pants make your butt look big."  (insert sweet smile)

I sincerely thanked him, to which he replied, "It's your butt that makes your butt look big!!"  Then he started laughing.

It was the funniest thing I'd heard all week. 
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