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Friday, June 04, 2010

Brooke White - what you see is what you get

Brooke was one of my favorites. She was the girl with the sunny smile and warm presence. I thought she was a very talented artist, and we voted for her often.

Last night at an American Heart Association fund raiser, I had the chance to visit with her. She graciously played for our benefit and stayed to talk with all her fans.

Now I will say this -- one thing great about Oklahoma is that we don't swarm people or trample others to get to visit with anyone, famous or not. I was impressed that the entire room gave her space, allowing her to mingle at her leisure.

However, I have a feeling even if we were a rude bunch - she would have been just as gracious. She took time to truly visit with those around her. And I also found out she likes to read! And guess what's next on her reading list??

I always knew she was a smart girl! :) And just like on TV - she's brilliantly talented.
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