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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20 years

I can't believe 20 years ago I was a fresh young pup ready to take on the world, thinking - no knowing - I knew everything there was to life and what it had in store for me. 20 years ago this month I graduated from a wonderful school over in Japan and left behind some really wonderful friends.

I say left behind because when you're a brat (insert military) - you don't have the option to go home for the weekend to visit the folks and all your buddies when you leave for college. Chances are your folks are packing up not too long after you, and headed for another duty station hundreds of miles away from where you once were. And your all your closest friends' families are doing the same. There is no going home. Home is where you are for the moment until it changes again. Your friends you just have to hope will keep in touch, but if not you already know the art of making really good new ones - as that's what you've done your whole life.

However, when you're a brat and you live overseas there's something special about those friends you spent time with. And thankfully, for me, we've all kept in touch somewhat even before facebook. And well, with facebook, it's so easy to catch up not only daily buy hourly on what their status is. Sometimes I know too much! LOL. Sometimes I give too much info.

However, this weekend we're off to our 20 year high school reunion. The 10 was in Vegas. I missed the 15 in New Orleans due to my pregnancy. And the 20 is in CHICAGO! We're going to have so much fun!! My friends, myself, and our spouses will invade and experience Chicago & party like it's 1990!

I'll post some pics soon.
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