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The path before me ...

When I started this blog it was because I had a 'Corporate America' j-o-b and was a new mom, who was burning the candle at both ends. I felt like I was completely worn thin and out. I was working my tail off for someone else only to come home too worn thin to have quality time or energy to invest in my new baby/toddler.

After a long battle of mentally weighing my options - budget vs. investing time with my child - I decided to work from home. So when my child was three I took a work from home position, and gambled by stepping into a full commission position. It was a large leap of faith, but worth every stressful second knowing I had more time at home.

After three successful years in this position, it went to an 'office only' position, so again I decided to leave. As always God had my back every second of the way as I just so happened to be fully vested at the exact time I had to leave the company, which meant I would still receive a small paycheck from the company for the client residuals that paid out each month. 3 years after leaving them, I still have a little income from that company which desperately comes in handy in this economy.

After leaving my full commission position, I took a 6-8 month break from work to became a stay at home mom. It was an amazing experience. I found that answer to the age old question - 'What would you do if you didn't worry about getting paid?' I started my own photography company and focused my passions. And throughout this time also had another dream fulfilled, which was getting a book published.

I was in heaven being with my son and living my dreams. It was an amazing time in life. Then the recession hit.

So full-time motherhood took a back seat as did my dreams.

The reality hit hard that my only option was to join the work force again and work for someone else. However my entrepreneurial spirit did not die. I knew I had hit my stride and would not give up what I'd started, even if it meant working around another j-o-b.

I struggled with what I wanted to do. I felt I had no more options. I'd originally left a world of advertising and marketing, which I really thrived in and was successful. And even if it was working in corporate America, I was 'great' at it. My creativity had free reign, which gave me full satisfaction on some days. The meetings about meetings on why we weren't making numbers is what drained me, and eventually led me to leave. The constant 'Office Space'is why I knew leaving was the right move for me. The little creativity I had drained into oblivion.

I love advertising but knew I didn't want the office politics that came with it. After a few months of searching I found what was the right move for me, retail management. Right out of college, I managed a men's clothing store. I know clothes and fashion. And I know how to sell. So ...

Now I'm working full-time as an assistant at a great women's boutique...a quite well known one. And if I have to work, I love my j-o-b. I am able to make women feel beautiful every day! Also I get to do a lot of marketing and outreach - including some graphic design for our region for certain events. So it still feeds my creative side, which I love. And I am blessed to work with some of the most amazing women I know. I feel God's hand led me there because he knew I would be miserable working anywhere else.

As well on the outside of my 40 hours for this company, I still run to shoot weddings, commercial jobs, and individual & family sessions. In fact this month, some of my work will be displayed on some billboards around OKC for a commercial job I've been hired for. (yea!) Plus I've been hired for some freelance work for a high school magazine, which has now branched into advertising sales. This magazine allows me to work from home (perfect!). And last but not least, I'm working on some amazing things on the writing front. I can't say anything now as I don't want to jinx them, but God is opening doors and I'm blown away at His graciousness.

I'm busier now than I was when I termed myself wornoutwoman. I'm pulled in more directions than I was in bed with corporate America. Yet somehow because I'm living my dreams, I'm still revitalized each day. Even on the hard days when I've not had a day off in forever - I see the big picture and the lovely light at the end of the tunnel. I get to see each day what dreams coming true looks like. It may not pan out like I hope it does - but little bits pan out each day. And thats enough for me to keep going ... to keep trying ... and to keep on the path before me. I know God has it already mapped out. I just need to listen and follow.

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