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Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Shmanye

Twitter was all abuz last night with the Kanye Controversy. It was the fastest I've seen people respond to something in a while. And why not? I mean, come on how much does one person get to mouth off before facing some back lash?

I'm really shocked that MTV didn't cart his butt out of there instantly and treat him like any other protester. If 'joe average' had popped up to take someone's mich and start spurting hurtful words, he would have been tackled and taken into a nice holding cell. Better yet, he wouldn't have even made it up on stage. Why can't the same security, put in place for a reason, take out someone - anyone - with mal content?

It's reported that Kayne spoke with Taylor's mother after the show and somewhat made amends. It's not said that he 'apologized' as far as I've read anywhere online.

I. just. don't. get it!

My 7th grade teacher taught me many things, but one thing has stuck with me through my entire life. It is this:

'Your rights END at the end of your own nose'

Need translation?

It means that Kanye has a right to be a jackass as long as he's only affecting himself with his behavior. When he starts to let his idiot behavior effect and ripple into other lives, then his rights are no longer.

Although I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan, I'm a huge supporter after last night's escapade. As a 19 year old, I can't imagine how I would have handled an irate belligerent dude stealing that moment from me.

Why does anyone even buy this guys work? I say everyone should boycott him for his obviously ignorant behavior. It's people like him, who make Americans look bad.
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