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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A small but worthy review

You know in a tough economy it's hard to sell anything that's not needed. To me the one thing needed is a good story to take you away from any stress you may have currently in your own life! BUT I'm not normal...and that's clear. And not everyone is a reader.

At this point I'm still waiting to know how many have sold, but I know it's making somewhat of a ripple...as I get so many emails from random people, who I have no ties to - that have bought the book and felt led to email me to comment.

BUT days like these are well worth the wait when I get a wonderful comment from a random stranger sent to me via facebook or email:

Pj Blevins- I just finished your book and it is spectacular. I love books that make me cry! I can so emphasize with Chastity in losing her Mother as I lost mine a year ago. Can't wait to see what happens to her in your next book. Hope it comes out soon.

Thank you miss PJ - whoever you are...where ever you are. You and those like you, who take this book to heart, is why I wrote this book. It doesn't matter how much I make (okay yes it does - a little) - as long as my work makes an impact by touching people's hearts.
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