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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A quick recap

In the last few months so much has been taking place.  

*My photography business has been ramping up as outdoor season is upon us.  
*I got my house refinanced after 3 months of mortgage lending hell. (Yeah, we closed day before yesterday!  It's gonna save us $150 a month!)  
*My son graduated from Kindergarten and became a first grader.
*I was a chair person for an event for the last two weeks at my son's school, which lent me to two weeks off from work.
*And through all this my writing has not taken a back seat.

Family of course is first and foremost, but during times like these - it just makes me grateful that I have a part time job.  Although we're financially short, we're learning how to make it stretch out.  And right now I'm investing so much in my son, that I know it's time I'll never get back again.

My only regret is this:  BECAUSE of my budget I've given up hair cuts/color!  Aaargh!  I've never done this in my whole life.  I've never forsaken my hair through any times in life, but when you're in a recession and living on less than you've ever had to.  You find ways to cut back.

You buy grocery store bargain brands.
You buy in bulk.
You re-use aluminum foil and baggies.
You use every last bit of food and realize how wasteful you've been in past times.  Shameful but true.
You forgo going out and eating out.
You don't buy 'anything' unless it's an emergency.
AND ... when it's that tight - YOU don't get a hair cut.

OK - well I finally have a little 'me' mad money.  And I've decided to use it on my hair.  My first cut in 6 months will be this coming Friday.  At this point, I feel like one of those women you see on 'Extreme MakeOver' or 'Fashion Emergency' who hasn't had a hair cut since 1970.  

Ok, maybe my hair's not that bad ... but it feels that way.  It's frizzy, shaggy, and scraggly.  My grays are poppin out like crazy! 

So after Friday, I'm gonna feel like a million bucks!  And I've decided no matter how much I have to trim my budget - it's never worth it to NOT trim my hair.

I'm gonna post before and after pics for you guys!

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