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Amazing People

There are people in life who do things so amazing but never get credit. Mark Harmon is one of those people.

When the bombing happened in downtown OKC, we all felt it's blast here in Oklahoma -- literally for miles, figuratively for decades, and emotionally for eons to come. Children lost parents, parents lost children...we all lost someone. The nation lost it's heart that someone in our own country would terrorize us in such a manner.

Many people came in support in many ways. There was a celebrity softball game that came to play at the bricktown ballpark. At that point in life I was in awe that I got to meet Dean Cain, who was yet to bloom into stardom. Most fans yelled, "superman!" at him because they didn't know his real name....although I did. 

I still have a scar on my knee, from where I was shoved into a chainlink fence, where women were hording to get close to him. He signed MY softball program and walked off. I was too shy to even speak to him, as my knee bled from metal digging into it under the pressure of bodies behind me.

Mark Harmon was also at this event. Humble, quiet, and cute Mark Harmon took his time with the fans and wasn't trying to spy the spotlight. Out of all those so called celebrities, Mark, I believe, the ONLY one who has continually returned in efforts to help our city.

When he was here many years ago, he saw and fell in love with 'The Children's Center' in Bethany, OK. He started the Mark Harmon Foundation to raise money for this worthy cause and started enlisting famous counterparts, like film producer, Frank Marshall, to come back each year to support the sick children of OK. 

Frank now premiers some of his films here locally in support of this state. He brought Matt Damon with him for the last Bourne release. Again, another star who supported our community.

This year was no different, except his charity was the Ronald McDonald House. And I got to attend! It was last minute and I just happened to have my book with me. I honestly didn't plan it that way. It was in my car, for just in case. 

Last week before I knew I'd be at the even last night - God literally placed this thought in my head, "PUT YOUR BOOK IN THE CAR WITH YOU - YOU MAY NEED IT FOR SOMETHING SOON."

I believe last night was that 'something soon'. Frank and I chatted about it for a few minutes. Mark asked about the book and was genuinely interested so I signed the book and gave it to him. He put his arm on my waist and called me darlin'. I almost giggled!

Today I am still on cloud nine.

Here are pics from last night! I'm so thankful to men and women like these, who take their precious time to support a local community. What humble amazing people we have in this world. And I for one and truly humbled by their efforts and heart.

Bart and Nadia Conner are two amazing people as well. Gold medal Olympians who come back to OK to support Bart's hometown of Norman, OK. He is very active here and we all appreciate him very much!!


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